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Make Product Photos Popular with Reasonable and Prompt image Background Removal

Creating pop of product photos with reasonable and rapid image background removal.
Most of the consumers prefer to see white background of their products. Giant retailers who’ve thousands of SKUs also prefer white background which is cumbersome task. Save your valuable time so that both of you along with your customers can increase business volume.

Giant online store like Amazon and eBay also prefer white background of their products. In this case, background image removal services aren’t only for the white backgrounds. We can bring an aesthetic solution for single color background that may suit your brand best. It can also allow us in case of adding contextual backgrounds for ads, seasonal selling and creative photos. It becomes very easy for us as we use hand drawn clipping path to capture every little change and promote your customers to press buy button.

Image Cutout / Background Removal Services at

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What do we really mean by Image cutout/Image Background removal?

Background of any image removal means to isolate the subject of a photo or image to ensure the rest of the image clean. You can ensure a cleaner, simple look and can widen the subject of any image. Background removals of images are widely used in the platform of ecommerce and it becomes the norms of ecommerce industry like many popular online market places which prefers white backgrounds.

Though background removal never means to ensure white background only, you can also use single color background or contextual background.

How do we remove a background from any image?

There are multiple ways to remove background from any image. It depends on the nature of the image subject matter and also requires the skills of the editor. At, we always prefer clipping path to remove the image background. There are also multiple ways to remove like advanced Photoshop masking especially when we’ve hair or fur on the image subject.

Background removal by clipping path

Hand-drawn clipping path can ensure the best result with natural look of your product image that may bring realistic view just by Pen Tool in Photoshop and never forget to zoom to catch the every little detail.

Background removal by Advanced Photoshop

If you’ve skill over Photoshop techniques, you can play with the subject of any photo which has hair or fur. All the Photoshop tools like eraser tool, magic eraser tool and the color separation techniques or a combination tools can help you to attract your shoppers to buy your products.

I’m suggesting you to be consistent with other product photos on your website or seller profile whenever you want to change the background by yourself. You’re bound to follow the product photo guidelines if you’re going to sell third party products like Amazon or eBay. We put an example so that you can cope with the marketplace to get started.

Before using extra color with the background, you must consider those colors may affect online shoppers or ensure their balance to the colors of the product. Are they enough to attract shoppers to buy? Do they value the brand? You must need to add white background in case of transparent products.

Learn how to remove the background from an image with hair >

How it works

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Who requires background removal services of an image?

Simple, an ecommerce site can be benefitted from the background removal services of any product. It’s a very boring job especially when you’ve large batches of images. Especial attention is very essential in every little detail to bring realistic view of edited photos so that the consumers can attracted to buy.

Background removal services from the images help the ecommerce industry to isolate the product and remove any distractions from the frame. It also creates a chance to cover your product images within a new uniform and bring a consistent look. As a result, online consumers create a positive attitude to purchase your products.

In case of print, background removal services of image are also essential because a catalog has a clean and consistent look free of distractions. You’re permitted to remove irrelevant subjects in case of technical documents or user manuals. That might grants your customers to use yopur products more easily.

If you’ve a bunch of images from the latest photoshoot, background removal services allow you to focus your real business matters.

Time to use image background removal

  • To cope with the online market place like Amazon and eBay
  • If the background doesn’t focus on the subject properly or devaluated the subject
  • Focus the details of your products to make it stand out
  • Creating attention to any object in the foreground
  • To isolate the subject and to emphasis on a specific features of a product or object
  • To create uniform background for catalog or a ecommerce store
  •  To create a transparent background

When you avoid background removal

  • If the current background highlights a great context for the object
  • If you use white background and backdrops during product photoshoot to create white background

Way of creating a transparent background by using clipping path

You can create a transparent background by using simple two techniques:

  • A background in InDesign or Quark can be convert into path to clipping path which can be intact in Photoshop but be transparent when you place the image in InDesign.
  • To make a transparent background in all applications, you may need to convert your path to selection. And then you can delete the background and you can select the mask from the selection.

Background of image removal services at

We can provide the best product photos editing by clipping path or by advanced Photoshop masking. Nevertheless, we continue testing the result of new tools and techniques to ensure our craving for best and advanced methods.

Our highly trained graphic professionals have long experience in the field of clipping path and background removal services. We’re very muck skilled of Photoshop’s Pen Tool to ensure highly precise clipping paths. We zoom your images as much as 300% drawing every clipping path. This enables us to have sufficient anchor points to retain the natural shape of the object. Having too many or too few anchor points can result in an inadequate photo cut-out and images that don’t look lifelike. Unlike many other photo background removal services, we ensure point by hand drawn. We avoid unnecessary tools like Magic Wand for quick selection and path creation. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automations and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand.

At, we ensure global demands through our hard work and labor. We feel proud with our finished work.

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