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Carefully hand drawn clipping path/cutout services for crunchy, fresh photos.

In case of clipping path, it is necessary to pay attention to every little thing to get a live image. Only a skilled hand can perform the task of perfect clipping paths and photo cut-out which are essential for products and clients may shake your hands. knows well how to differentiate between a original one and edited one. So we’re skilled enough to create live photos which are look like original one and our results are impressive and looking like realistic. Our every edited image has hand touch clipping path and photo cut-out with the Photoshop Pen Tool to ensure our presence at every corner of that edited photo. Our dedication and labour ensure your deadlines and budget.

Professional, high-quality clipping paths/cutout/background removals are what we deliver it’s in our name.

Clipping Path/Cutout Services at

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What is clipping path/Cutout?

Clipping path means image editing through the process of clipping, photo cut-out, deep etching, closed vector path or shape or through the medium of digital photo cut-out. At, we process an image by hand placing a white background for online upload. It may use in different means where you can add different background to create different flavor of your photo.

Stage of clipping path/cutout complexity: How much should I pay?

Every clipping job requirements are different. So the price varies from each other. Here I’m going to show you the different method of solving complex clipping path service which requires some techniques for each.

1. Basic

Basic clipping is very easy and simple task like if you want to remove some solid object from your photo with curved edges, yo0u can simply do it by basic clipping path. And it is very useful for the products of Smartphone, framed art, balls, books and canisters.

2. Simple

Simple clipping path is a bit complex than a basic one though you can do it quickly. You can remove more edges and curves by simple clipping path. It is suitable for those objects which has holes like the interior of a mug handle or the inside of a ring or necklace. So it requires few more cost than a basic one. And it is suitable to remove the background of simple jewellery, vehicles, single furniture items and other products which stands alone.

3. Medium

You’ve to use medium clipping path to remove a complicated edged background of a product. It is somehow complex and you’ve to create several paths to merged together to get the expected result. Medium clipping path work requires more cost than those of basic and simple clipping path works. You can simply remove the background of simple grouping products.

4. Complex

A complex clipping path requires doing some complex task like a product image with complicated edge, fewer holes, multiple objects and to create varied levels of transparency. Those works are very time consuming and requires high cost than those of above cited three. Complex clipping path requires to edit the image of any model, product with netting, grouping of mu7ltiple and complex products.

5. Multiple

Multiple clipping paths mean a complex one which has carefully crafted fewer additional paths within the products. Multiple clipping paths help you from the problem of re-shooting when you intended to change the colour of the products or if you want to change the shadow of any portion. It is suitable to change the colour of any complicated grouping products or if you require to bring any colour correction.

6. Super complex

If you need many individual clipping paths to edit tough product image which you can’t do with complex or multiple clipping paths. If you want to get optimal result, you need to use super complex, complex and multiple clipping paths in conjunction with image masking. Products such as furniture with multiple edges, heavy jewellery set, and furry object requires super co9mplex clipping paths. Here price is absolutely high than those of the above cited works.

Want to generate a clipping path in Photoshop?

Clipping paths require careful work and it is time consuming also. But the results of clipping paths are both marvelous and accurate.
A pen tool is essential to create a clipping path around the product image which you can apart from the background. Whenever you complete the path, there are different Photoshop paths to isolate the area from the surroundings.

• If you want to use the image for any website, you can convert the path panel to a reusable selection and you can permanently delete the background.
• In case of InDesign or QuarkXpress, you can modify your product image to such a way that it can appear isolated only in your layout and you can keep the background in Photoshop.

Who wants clipping path/cutout and deep-etching services?

Clipping path services are essential for a single image or a batch of photo shoot images. And our clipping path image-editing services aren’t reserved for Photoshop newbies.
Professional photographers need to pass busy hours to edit carefully all the recent product photo shoot. Freelancers and other agencies have very tight schedule to meet the deadlines and they have fewer are more clients. Ecommerce retailers need a huge quantity of edited products image but they have few time to care for the quality. Here we can reduce your stress and complete your clipping path under the deadlines honoring your budget.

How it works

Request a quote for the images you need edited — we’ll get back to you within 45 minutes

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Time of Using Clipping Path

  • During the time of removing background from any image. It may help to isolate and show any products more vibrantly.
  • If you really want to edit the image hiding the background but not removing permanently. Clipping path is very useful during the time of making catalogs of InDesign or QuarkXPress.
  • Clipping path may help you to select and edit any specific region. It also helps you to change shape of any image.
  • You can use multi-clipping path to select individual parts of an image to bring color correction of your edited image.

Reason of avoiding Clipping path

  • If there is hair or fuzzy edges of your subject like teddy bear or fuzzy blanket, we recommend you to use advanced image masking.

Way of removing background from any image using image clipping

Image clipping is the simple way to remove background from any image. If you want to be a master of image clipping, visit our Photoshop tutorial on background removing from a hairy image.

You can define the subject of a photo with its own layer and select pixels surrounding the subject to make it transparent. You can also isolate the image using this technique in order to place your product against a new background in Photoshop, InDesign or on a Website.

In this technique, you place the subject of a photo on its own layer, and make the pixels surrounding it transparent. Isolating the image in this way allows you to place your product against another background in Photoshop, InDesign or on a website.


Way of creating a transparent background by using clipping path

You can create a transparent background by using simple two techniques:

  • A background in InDesign or Quark can be convert into path to clipping path which can be intact in Photoshop but be transparent when you place the image in InDesign.
  • To make a transparent background in all applications, you may need to convert your path to selection. And then you can delete the background and you can select the mask from the selection.

Clipping path services at

Our highly trained graphic professionals have long experience in the field of clipping path and deep-etching services. We’re very muck skilled of Photoshop’s Pen Tool to ensure highly precise clipping paths. We zoom your images as much as 300% drawing every clipping path which allow us to create anchor points to bring the natural shape of the image. But using fewer or less anchor points may result in inadequate cut-out which may loss the real taste of the image.

In case of other deep-etching services, we don’t suggest automate the clipping paths.

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