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Don't Waste Time, Rearrange and Fix your Product Color change. Save Money.

Discover ideas about Color change and save time and money. To display variants in colors is often vital for online and offline businesses. It is especially important for ecommerce store owners to display product variants by colors though most of the times it not easy to shoot color variants with cameras. Even for photographers color variant technique saves huge amount of time and money.

Color variants help you when you have multiple variants of products by color though you don’t have enough time and money to produce those variants’ image by shooting with camera. Again, you may don’t have all the variants in your stock to shoot those photos. But you can’t but display all the variants as your customers love to take decision if products are presented before them in variable colors.

So you need to produce variants by color of your products, right! Just drop with us the image with the color you have and drop a few lines on how many variants in which colors do you need. We will create the color variants as you want so that you are able to show and impress your customers with colorful products they rush to buy.

Send us your images and get back to focusing on your business — we’ll deliver high-quality, natural-looking color variants quickly and affordably.

Color Variants and Color Changes at

What are color variants?

Color variants & color changing or color corrections are when a part of an image is manipulated to be a different color. There is many times where color alters are wanted to generate the visual result that will make your clients pleased, match your brand’s artistic or make clients buy your product.

How to do color variants

In photography, it can be rare to get a picture that is absolutely balanced where the whites of a picture are really white, and the blacks of a picture are really black.  This is because there are so many varying light sources as well as objects reflecting off of each other, mixing up colors in space.


The Match Color control in Photoshop can assist you alter colors in just one or in multiple photos. This only works in RGB mode.


With Color Range mode, you choose a color or color range from your original photo. This mode can also assist retouch subject’s faces, as it automatically detects and selects faces.


The Color Picker and Eyedropper are other Photoshop tools that you are able to utilize. In the end, it all depends on why you’re performing color correction post-processing techniques.

Different methods of color correction

Here are some of our most common tools used; however for more advanced conversations we can look at color correction in even more detail. Remember that fixing pixels is almost like trying pick out a grain of sand. Sand has so many tiny particles of dark, medium and light bits, so one adjustment can affect the rest!
Levels: Using the Levels tool on Photoshop, we can drop down on the tab from RGB (Red – Green – Blue combo) to the isolated colors of Red, Green or Blue separately. Then we can adjust the toggle to enhance or reduce one color over the other.
Curves: Using the Curve tool on Photoshop, which is great for lighting adjustments, you can also use the drop down toggle to adjust highlights and contrasts of colors too. If you want all the shadows to look very blue for example, curves would be a great method for doing that.
Color Balance: It does what it says. We find this tool great but sometimes also too generalized so if we move the arrows to any one color direction; it affects quite a lot of the image. Sometimes it can be great, sometimes it can be a little harsh.
Replace Color: It does what it says. We find this tool great but sometimes also too generalized so if we move the arrows to any one color direction; it affects quite a lot of the image. Sometimes it can be great, sometimes it can be a little harsh.
Hue / Saturation: We probably know this term quite well by now because we see this same option in phone cameras and simple applications. Hue changes the overall color tone but in one fell swoop, while saturation gives you the option to have more intense or duller color tones for your image.

How it works

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Time of using color variants

  • When you want to alter simply the color of the product in the image, staying everything as well accurately the same so clients can more easily evaluate color options
  • Photo shooting an usual photo doesn’t exactly capture the real  color of the product
  • Launching a new product to an existing product line and you don’t want a new shoot for it
  • You have one or a few color examples for the photo shoot and you have no time or budget for a new photo shoot for when you get those photos
  • When you have a long list of SKUs to shoot, it’s more efficient to take a photo of one color variation for each

Color change image editing at Clippingon 24

Now a day’s, Color variants & Color changing Service has become popular among e-commerce retailers. Client wants to show their products on different color variants maintain the product looks exactly the same across all variants. For the benefits of Color variant service, they can show different color product by shooting only one photo of the product.

The uniqueness of our image color correction service is the reproducible accuracy at the cheapest rate. The skilled professional team will ensure your comfort in sharing the requirement and measure the outcome. Selling succeed when you give your clients a great shopping experience. And we make out how important it is to deliver natural looking images that create that experience all at a fair cost.

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